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Websites by Norma Holt
The greatest fraud ever perpetrated
The man described as 666 created the lie and the image you probably worship. You owe it to yourself and your family to discover the truth, and it is here waiting for you. Many have questioned this fraud, perpetrated by the Catholic Church, and paid a hefty price. Subjected to torture, ridicule, imprisonment or death they were terrorised while others were forced into acceptance of it. The Church hid its origins and the theft of 'gods', festivals, and other things from other religions. If this bothers you then you must see the proof.
Are Heaven and Hell for real
Look up, what do you see? is there a heaven up there? You have seen deep inside caves and mines. Did you see Hell anywhere beneath the earth? Prove to yourself whether Heaven and Hell exist by examining the following questions. See what you come up with!
Death, Afterlife, Reincarnation, a True Story
Norma Holt's death began a journey through the after-life and return to a new body and life with full memory of reincarnation She has answers most search for all their lives and she is reaching out to you to hear her story. It may change your life.
End Time Visions and Prophecies
Who has not heard that the world will end by fire? Who does not know that it is already burning and all life with it. You must read this page and then decide whether we have reached that point of no return. Can you stir from your comfort zone long enough to cast an eye over what is really happening and what is in store for us?
Reincarnation is a Fact
Reincarnation is REAL and the testimonies for it are extraordinary. It is outlawed by Religion which holds many a poor soul prisoner by nothing more than their imagination and by brainwashing, especially children who then find it difficult to break away from their young experiences. This site overturns religious myths and proves they are lies designed to cheat you of the reality of Spiritual Power
The Universal Spirit of Creation is in Turmoil
The World is dying because the real God is hidden under massive lies that promote man's power and invented gods. God is no man but the mighty creative force that laid down a plan to see humanity destroyed because of the things they believe and do. Because of full memory of reincarnation and the visions given to me in this life it is within my power to speak as an authority on the things that have escaped notice and become buried under a multiplicity of lies and hatred.
Other Web Sites by Norma Holt
Virgin Birth Mythology
It began in ignorance and the uneducated might be excused for accepting it, especially when it is pushed down their necks from birth. But what of the scientists and educated people who adhere to it? What excuse have they for allowing the myth to continue in the face of the damage it does to the world?
Through the teaching of the Spirit in truth the light is strengthened so that the blindness is removed. Until now the spiritual were blind to the truth because of the false image over them.
Does This Affect You
# How interested are you in the origin of your beliefs? # How much do you depend on what others think? # Are you a victim of the stupidity of others? # Are you being taken for a ride?
Business Sites by Norma Holt
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Income From Multiple Sources
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Work Your Business Like a Champ
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