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Don't search for answers
that may be right here.

Author, publisher, spiritual counselor, graduate, Norma Holt,
has spent the last 24 years researching for answers as
to why reincarnation is a taboo subject. Millions have
memory of it or an association with someone who does.

Norma has full memory of her reincarnation and of her
last death. She is doing all she can to bring awareness
to the lies that oppose it, starting with her books that
are available right here.

You will be shocked by the revelations and deception
the world is subjected to.

Don't stay in the dark. Get the answers you need.
The books available through this site, some by
other suthors, will change your life!

The books on this site provide answers to questions
you may have been asking all your life.

Questions like:

  • Is there a God?
  • Can I talk straight to God?
  • What is the meaning of 'spirit'?
  • Is there a heaven and hell?
  • What is psychic phenomena?
  • Have I reincarnated?
  • Am I a spiritual being?
  • Why does religion oppose reincarnation?
  • Did Jesus Christ really exist?
  • How could the death of a man save me?
  • Why are there thousands of gods in religion?
  • Do saints, angels and devils exist>
  • If so why can saints heal?
  • If not where do such ideas come from?
  • Do miracles happen?
  • Who wrote the New testament?
  • Why is the Roman culture linked to jesus Christ?
  • What is the role of the Roman Empire in the formation of Christianity?
  • If they killed Jesus Christ how can they profess to speak for him?
  • Are the Jews really of Israel?
  • Why does God allow suffering and ward?
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    The questions are on going for many
    so other authors are listed here
    to help to resolve them even when
    their views may differ.

    This site also lists books by authors distributed
    by outlets like Amazon through their affiliate program.

    It attempts to bring you the best on all psychic, supernatural,
    afterlife and personal reincarnation experiences.

    There are also plenty of blogs and media releases to read.

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